About Us

We use theatre and outdoor activities to communicate information about local environments in enticing and beautiful ways. Our work awakens and hones your senses, and develops your creative imagination for new and sustainable ways of living.

Why We Do It

We feel inspired to find creative solutions to the current environmental crisis. Reconnecting people to the natural world is central to developing a more sustainable society. Theatre, music, dance,and outdoor experiences are lively and powerful ways to weave this reconnection. Indigenous people have always used these tools to renew relationships with local landscapes.

Values and Vision

Our core values are creativity, integration, and wellness.

Our vision is to enhance people’s contact with natural systems through performances and creative earth-based projects, that contribute to the growing movement towards sustainable living in Melbourne.

The Company
Sense of Place Projects was created in 2002 from the desire of a group of artists and environmentalists to initiate environmentally and socially useful performance projects. The company consists of performers, workshop facilitators, an artistic director, and an advisory board. We run performances, workshops, and projects across Melbourne.