We can provide a great environmental performance for any
festival, event, or programme. Theatre and music are our tools. These are
ancient way to reconnect people to each other and to the natural world.


river movesAdventure Up The River

(connection to place, environmental awareness, the water cycle)

Grades:p - 2 , 45 min
$4 per student, min 100 students. 

Ilan Abrahams, a ‘sense of place’ performer, brings a unique blend of ‘eco-rap’ tunes, stories, and activities as he takes you on a journey to a place you can call home. Along the path we meet and interact with the skateboarder, the farmer, and the park ranger. They engage the children in suprising and joyous ways with local environmental topics. The children are  inspired with possibilities for an exciting sustainable life in their school and suburb.

The show was originally commissioned by the Royal Botanical
Gardens Childrens Garden in 2008. It is based on a real walking journey up the
full length of the Yarra River from the Sea at Williamstown to the Source at
Mt. Baw Baw completed by Ilan and three other artists.

30min-1hr outdoor creative activity workshop is an optional addition.