Here is a selection of testimonials from across the spectrum of our work;

Outdoor Movement and gardening workhop series at Artplay, The
Centre for Children's Art, (workshops for families)

 ‘This workshop was great. Age appropriate for Oliver(6), Genevive(10), and Isabella(11) all the way up to adults - informative, imaginative, and meditative. Lots to do,
plenty of time. Thanks'

‘The workshop was sensational. The space and activities are age friendly. They stimulate all senses. It's a whole life experience. I enjoyed all of the activities. Thanks a

‘I really enjoyed this workshop. Totally age appropriate for child/adults. Very informative and interesting. Kept moving well for the children. The staff were always helpful and friendly. Thankyou.'

outdoor movement workshops in Yarra Bend Park

'I love and appreciates so much the environment you
create in your classes and projects that allows me to go for it and play.'
Chay-ya Clancy

'The dancing I have done with you in the landscape has really influenced my sense of the Australian landscape. Since I moved to Melbourne from New Zealand last year, I have had a very urban, international sense of Melbourne as a city. But working with you helps me to situate myself in this specific place and it's unique ecology as a landscape and an ecosystem that I am a part of. I think your approach to Sense of Place projects is really useful in terms of developing community awareness of the landscape and of our human relationship to each other within it. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with you...'
Alys Longley


‘Ilan Abrahams delighted the participants in this year's annual EarthSong symposium.The theme was Celebration of Riverscapes and Ilan treated us to a lively enactment of his journey along the Yarra River from its mouth to its source. His litheness of body, skill in mimicry and quick sense of humour made for great entertainment, whilst communicating a serious message about the well being of the river and the various ecosystems through with it travels.'
Anne Boyd
, Coordinator of Earthsong Project

‘It was a real pleasure working with Ilan and watching him inspire young people and expand their sense of what's possible. One kid said to me "he's going to do what? A rap song about the Yarra River?" After surprise and giggles, and seeing Ilan in action, he murmured "hmm...I wonder what I could write a rap about..." Thanks Ilan, for your inspiration and creativity, your playfulness and present-ness, and your genuine care for the people you work with and your topics of passion.'
Wendy Hopkins
, OzGREEN facilitator

'...your performance was amazing!! rolling garden beds, with clay bodies leering out at you  with vegetation on offer, possibly between teeth!! i enjoyed it and loved that gardening can be not mundane and passive...'
Ali Campbell, Sustainable Living Foundation, commenting on our performance at the 2010 Sustainable Living Festival 'Creatures of the Garden'

music from the ‘Well' CD

‘I can't get my kids to do any work. They're too busy rapping the six seasons rap.'
Lara Lubitz
, Primary Teacher, Collingwood College.

‘I was supporting a multi-faith caring for water event and Helen Greenway brought your CD to the event. She and I ran the kids education time together and were questioning what we should do. I listened to your cd and felt it was perfect to education the students about the environment. The kids absolutely loved it; they were dancing around doing all the actions. This was such an easy way to inspire kids, with music and physical action. They loved singing along as well. The parents loved it because they knew it was positive education for their children. Many of the tracks are extremely humorous as well which brought us all together as a community. There was such a huge spirit and connection with each other present dancing to this CD. I will use it many more times in my children's entertainment business. I even learnt a few new words and how to care for my plants.'
Chris James, school drama teacher/ children's entertainer.

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Food Garden Project

Ilan co-initiated and facilitated the food garden project at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) during 2008 and 2009. The once empty courtyard was transformed into a thriving food garden; a wonderful place for our clients to gain from the therapeutic and enlivening effects of gardening, or just a place to sit and take a break in between appointments amongst the greenery and vegetables. The community garden continues to have a very positive effect on the mood of the ASRC, and the garden has provided herbs and some fresh greens for our daily lunches. Ilan was very reliable, friendly, engaged, and adaptable in all of his dealings with the clients and staff at the ASRC. I would definitely recommend him for any project that involves creating a food garden and running workshops there in.
Patrick Lawrence, FoodBank Co-ordinator, ASRC.